give up robot


About game:

Give Up, Robot is a great 2D action game by Matt Thorson. It is published by Adult Swim Games. In the game, you have to control your Disco Robot dancing through 50 levels! Differentiated from other modern action games, this game brings you back to decades ago. While playing the game, you will hear its very “robot” music. In this fantastic action game, you have to check the time! You control a little cute disco robot, try to dance and move to the destination to complete the level.

Each level is a different map, and you have to complete the given tasks. You can use the left and right arrow keys, and the X key to make your robot dance. You have fun skills. You can hook onto the high flat wall and swing your body. And remember that during you can also change the length of your rope during the swing.

With the dangerous situations, you have to release your hook and immediately throw another one. But the length of your robot’s rope is limited. So if your robot falls off, you will have to play again. These levels in Give Up, Robot are getting harder and harder. And you will face more dangerous challenges during the game. But, I think you will have great moments with this game. Play Give Up, Robot with a headphone will be great!

Give Up, Robot Unblocked

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How to play:

Use the left and right arrow keys to move your disco robot.

Use the X or up arrow keys to make your disco robot jump.

Use the Z or A keys to make a hook.

Tips and tricks:

You need to do some risky moves to pass the high levels.

Use these given items to help your disco robot move.

Give Up, Robot Walkthrough