happy wheels


About game:

Welcome to Happy Wheels, one of the most exciting and addictive online games. This game has simple gameplay and graphics, but the challenges you face during the game are not easy to conquer. The game gives you many ragdoll characters to select. You can choose a Wheelchair Guy, a Segway Guy, or a man riding a bicycle with his son (Irresponsible Dad) ... The common point of these characters is that they will drive a vehicle that is related to the wheels. Your mission in Happy Wheels is to move to the destination safely.

Happy Wheels has unique elements like physics, fast-paced, and gore. Along the way you will have to pass the saw blades, tunnels filled with spikes, or are big boulders that can crush you. If you have a mistake, an arm or a leg of your character can be cut off ... However, as long as your character is able to move, you can still continue the game. You need to pay attention to physical element because it is the key to help you complete the challenges.

This game’s demo version is available on our website. However, if you want to play the full version, you can access the total jerkface (Jim Bonacci’s website) to experience the full game. In addition, Happy Wheels also allows players to create their own levels. So you can test your abilities with other players' levels or you can also use creativity to create your special levels. Have a good day!

Happy Wheels Unblocked:

Happy Wheels Unlocked is available at You can trust this site because it's safe and it's the favorite site of gamers who like unblocked games. Moreover, is better than you think since it provides a stable bandwidth and an awesome interface to play games. All unblocked games on this site are free. Experience your game now!

How to play:

You use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control characters in Happy Wheels.

Tips and tricks:

If you are a newbie, you should play from low levels to get used to the movement of characters and deadly traps in the game.

You need to move slowly to maintain balance.

Every time you need to cross a hole or a slope, you need to move at a high speed.

You can also watch videos of famous streamers to see how they overcome challenges in the game (typically dantdm).

Happy Wheels Walkthrough