paper minecraft


About game:

In the Platform video game Paper Minecraft, you will take the role of either Steve or Alex. These cute characters will be involved in an Adventure of Paper Minecraft. The game supports three different game modes such as Survival, Peaceful and Creative. In the Survival mode, just like its name, you will have to control your chosen character to survival through the thick and thin that the game offers. If you are able to survive through the challenges, then you will be the winner of the game!

Unlike the Survival mode, the Peaceful mode explains exactly what you expect if you are a discoverer. The game world in Paper Minecraft is not only beautiful but also exciting. You will love to learn how to interact with anything you might see while exploring the dreaming game world. Your character is able to perform multiple actions.

Feel free to collect things that are available and put them in your chest. Paper Minecraft is not just a game of challenges, it also something that you can count on when you seek for calm after a long day at work. Tell us now; is there anything better than exploring a peaceful world that you can take your soul and mind completely away from stress?

Paper Minecraft Unblocked:

Do you want to try Paper Minecraft Unblocked for free at Well, there are multiple games with similar elements to Paper Minecraft there. Good luck and have fun!

How to play:

To move, jump and swim, use W A S & D.

To place or dig blocks, open inventory or chest, eat the held item, use the mouse cursor.

To drop/ split an item from a stack and resume the game, use the Space bar.

To save the game, press O.

To pause the game, press P.

To open a chest, crafting table or furnace, use the mouse cursor and E.

Tips and tricks:

If you want to get some clues about what you need to do, try to see a walkthrough video.

There are plenty of clues in the Help Options, check it out for more information.

Paper MineCraft Walkthrough