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About game:

Run 3 by Joseph Cloutier is an awesome Running game. The game introduces the player to a world that ignores Earth gravity. Your character will run continuously from Earth to the star in space. Everything will float around you and there is no stability, which is also an interesting factor in Run 3.

Run 3 takes place in the illusion Space environment. In this game you control a funny character with cute ears and he has the ability to move in Space. Once you are ready, your character will run and you must dodge obstacles on the way to survive as long as you can. Why is "survival"? Because on your way, your challenge is deep pools in outer space and hard walls!

You can turn left, right and jump, even switch to other lanes to run. The game helps you practice your reflexes, concentration, and fun! In Run 3, there is a Map that shows you your entire journey: starting from Earth to Star. Run 3 has many levels with increasing difficulty. Are you ready to experience this exciting game?

Run 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Left and Right arrow keys: turn left and turn right.

Up arrow key: jump up.

Tips and tricks:

The game has a pause button if you are busy!

On the way there will be stars, collect them to unlock new characters. Each character will have different skills!

Run 3 Walkthrough

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