snail bob


About game:

Developed by Andrey Kovaushin, Snail Bob is a Platform video game with Adventure and Puzzle elements. The game tells the story about a Snail named Bob, whose house is not available to live in anymore. This event leads to the fact that Snail Bob is struggling to find a shelter in the world. You will take the role of a guide man who leads Snail Bob to survive from level to level.

There are up to 20 levels in Snail Bob, all of them are exciting and waiting for you. Do you notice that the game requires you to use tools on each level? In the gameplay of Snail Bob, there are plenty of specialized machines. These machines can help you to take the Snail Bob to where he needs to be.

The main goal of the game is solving the Puzzle at each level. The puzzle in the game plays an important role in deciding whether your performance is successful or not. Even when the game does not point out what you have to keep an eye on in every level, you still have to try your best in order to figure out if you really want to claim your victory. Are you ready for an exciting video game like Snail Bob, let us roll with it now!

Snail Bob Unblocked game:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse cursor to interact with the game screen.

Tips and tricks:

If you want Snail Bob to move quicker, just boost his speed.

In case you fail to solve one level’s puzzle, you need to restart the level and make sure that you have learned from your mistake.

Snail Bob Walkthrough